Little Mommies


Adoption Center

 Adoption Process


Our Proud New Moms and Dads will

start their adoption process by:


(1) Filling out the adoption application papers to make sure they are ready to become a responsible Mom or Dad.


(2) They then choose their precious baby while wearing a real Little Mommies Lab Coat.


(3) The baby will be examined by one of our Nurses to be sure that they are healthy.  They are weighed and measured.  Their eyes, ears, and throat are checked with a real medical stethoscope and light.


(4) Mom or Dad are now ready to name their baby and will receive their new baby's Birth Certificate, baby name bracelet and a "Proud New Mom or Dad Button".


(5) Mom or Dad will choose a blanket and a bottle, and the nurse will swaddle the new baby for his or her trip home.


(Feel free to bring your camera/video and as many friends and family members as you like, to share this special occasion)